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Stewart Seafoods started as a small family owned company in 1994 importing fresh seafood into Australia from New Zealand.

Over time the company has grown to be a major supplier of seafood from around the world to supermarkets in Australia and throughout Asia.

Our success has been the result of understanding and delivering what customers want when they spend their hard earned money on seafood.

We believe people want and deserve healthy, tasty, affordable seafood. We also believe that people today don’t want to purchase fish that is being over caught or fished/farmed in an unsustainable manner.

People also, if need be, want to be able to trace their purchase back to the time and place the fish was harvested. Our products deliver on these collective beliefs and needs.

Stewart Seafoods remains a family owned company and is grateful for the opportunity to be able to serve you with our products.

We welcome your feedback and trust you enjoy our seafood as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.